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Universal serial bus Power Shipping: The best strategy to fee your iPhone and Google android device

With the introduction of iPhone and iPhone, the needs of the battery were quickly satisfied. Being a current person has a brilliant not enough vegetarian fast. can have the battery along more 12v charger. Also: how is it the payphone for the year And not the batteries exactly or if just any battery power is suitable for the charger, although you work together with your conventional pill.

This week, Microsof launched a trio of the latest computers: the Seasoned 6 outer liner and the Surface Notebook 2. The new techniques include USB Power Delivery: the Intel 9th ​​Generation four-key chips, the fast SSDs , high-resolution exhibitions, etc. . . a serialized interface that connects your mouse from the Reagan era. Okay, I'm joking about the second option, but Microsof is serious about residing in the past if it does not provide the Variety-D universal serial bus slots on its newer computers. The Microsof company would be the last key for the PC vendor to never provide Variety-D on its high-end client computers which is particularly strange, with Surface Book 2 and Surface Go both equipped with interface. If you want to research the market, you'll always find popular techniques for customers and budget that do not offer the usual techniques, but every person, from HP to Apple, provides this connector relatively easy to repair for files , videos and loading. By producing far from this vital interface, Microsof society leaves its customers disconnected from the burgeoning ecosystem of add-ons. He also provided customers and businesses with a very good explanation for never buying his products. At this point, I would not buy any personal computers that do not have at least a Universal usbcable.org brands Serial Variety-D interface, or a Thunderbolt 3 connection, that works with the universal D-bus and also works with add-ons. more quickly. such as eGPUs. There are many causes that everyone needs Universal serial bus-D: Just before the Variety-D, every laptop model had one, an amazing connector and some brands had many. Although new, all laptops requiring I Want My less than 100 watts of resistance will use compatible resistance bricks.

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